Convention Highlights

Thanks to University of Tennessee at Martin

Facilities for convention business were provided by the UT Martin Center in Selmer, Tennessee and The Coon Creek Science Center.

Delegates, alternates, national officers, and guests gathered to discuss the business of the Society. Each chapter representative provided a chapter report. Committees examined the Constitution and Bylaws, Communications, Awards, Ritual and Insignia, and other business. Two “Best Geology T-shirts” were noted. New National Officers were elected, and outgoing or transitioning personnel were honored. The group celebrated with a banquet of local barbecue, listened to expert guest speakers, and left their mark on a cedar plank at the Science Center.

One highlight was collecting from the “type section” for the world famous Coon Creek Formation lagerstätte, a ~72 million year old fossil deposit that serves as Tennessee’s link to the Age of Dinosaurs.  Over 400 species of perfectly preserved fossil clams, snails, crabs, lobsters, swimming reptiles such as mosasaurs, turtles, fish, plesiosaurs, and even plant fossils are readily collected by visitors on the site. Once collected, we had the chance to prepare the fossils for transport and storage. Special thanks goes to staff and students of the UT Martin Coon Creek center for their help at the outcrop and the prep station.

Look for full reports of convention business in an upcoming issue of The COMPASS.

Behold the creative process! SGE Artist Corps in a brainstorming session, Coon Creek Science Center
L. S. Potter photo